Group Workshops

I offer beatbox group workshops for beginner- and advanced levels.

My workshops are suitable for almost any kind of institution or event where people come together.

I have experience with various workshop formats and group constellations, which I gained from workshops in schools, prisons, companies, youth-centers, music festivals etc.

School Workshops

In schools, I adjust the level of difficulty to the musical level of the group and need nothing else than some space and open-minded students. For more info, check out the info sheet.
  • everyone can learn to beatbox
  • no lingual barriers 
  • the class becomes a band in no time

Online Lessons

I offer online private lessons via video chat to teach you beatboxing at any level. No special equipment required.

Get ready to level up!

  • individual training
  • direct feedback
  • independence of place
  • via whatsapp, zoom, instagram etc.