Geo popoff

Organic funky super groove: At my solo performances, I use my loop station to sing and rap all self-composed tracks.

Rich sound from HipHop, Funk, World, and Techno. I love to make the audience part of the creation and fascinate any crowd with my passion.


More than Beatbox. 

A mind-blowing mix of bass music, comedy and entertainment. 

With only three mics, a whole lot of humour, and
an authentic style they rock any show regardless if it‘s a kids birthday party, a funeral or a festival stage. M.O.M. will take care of your senses in any way possible and introduce you to a whole new world, the world of the human voice.

World Champion Beatboxcrew (2021, 2023)

Klaus Falschlunger
& Geo POpoff DUO

Beatbox Sitar Duo –  a brilliant exchange and collaboration to create and expand musical worlds- a dream dance between eastern ballads and heavy beats.