Geo popoff

Organic funky super groove: At my solo performances, I use my loop station to sing and rap all self-composed tracks.

Rich sound from HipHop, Funk, World, and Techno. I love to make the audience part of the creation and fascinate any crowd with my passion.


My band, brothers, and flatmates. With the beatbox legends Slizzer and Eon, I am rocking a Beatbox trio since 2018.

GBB world champions 2021. We’re dropping original grooves from Techno, HipHop, DnB, Funk, and Electro, combined with Comedy and Theatre.


I am happy to call myself a member of the amazing a capella group LALÁ in which I am the beatbox drummer. 

Super lovely sound, from Pop, to Jazz, to Volkslied, we perform all over Austria and beyond.

Album “call it human” out now! 

Frau Mayer Band

We are the Band of the culture & arts initiative called Frau Mayer in Vienna. We play soulful music from funk to jazz, soul, world and more. A bunch of passionate artists making love to music. That’s it.