about me

I am Geo Popoff. Professional beatboxer, singer, live-looper, and performer. Since 2014, I’ve been playing shows, teaching, and traveling the world to fascinate people with my passion for beatboxing.

I feel lucky to say that in my hometown Vienna, l’ve found a community for my art form, which finally made me become an artist and musician. I’ve started with beatbox battling and grew into musicianship, which I am living in several projects today!

There’s no stage that is too big or too small for me. You can see me busk at street corners or perform on big opera stages. Music and beatboxing is a really big part of my life, which I look forward to sharing with you!



  • GBB World League Champion 2021 (crew category)
  • Austrian Team champion (2012,13,14,15,18,19)
  • Austrian Solo champion (2015,19)
  • Austrian Loop champion (2019)
  • Robeat award winner (2015,17) (DE)
  • European Qualifiers 1st Place Tag-team (2016) (BEL)

Judge at

  • French Beatbox Championship (2020)
  • Swedish Beatbox Championship (2019)
  • Portuguese Beatbox Championship (2019)
  • German Beatbox Championship (2018)
  • Danish Beatbox Championship (2017)
  • Czech Beatbox Championship (2017)